Granlyn Specialist Coatings are the coatings experts. We are the proud UK and European Hub for Metalier Coatings. We have great fun representing this exciting global brand.

Granlyn Specialist Coatings has been in the coatings business for over 40 years. We are the experts! And we’re very proud to add Metalier to the list of superior companies and products that we represent.

We are delighted to have been chosen by Metalier to represent them. We love paint and creative finishes. And what we do with Metalier is transform simple, cheap, boring and mundane substrates into gorgeous real metal. We get a real buzz out of our work and never lose the thrill of seeing a patina bloom before our eyes.

Our work is fun, it’s creative, and it’s hands-on.

Because we are applicators as well as teachers and trainers we are constantly working on new, cool and clever ways of creating new finishes and colours and stretching this amazing product to its limit and beyond. And all this is done with the blessing and encouragement of Metalier HQ. It feels great to be part of a global company and brand.

Like the people at HQ we live and breathe our product and we learn more about it every day. We have such fun that we want to share that with everyone else in Europe and the UK.

Metalier brass liquid metal in bar at Grand Leicester Hotel

Whether you’re a specifier, designer, original manufacture sub-contractor or re-furbisher we can provide you with the correct Metalier solution to achieve the perfect finish. Whether you want to add a touch of metal class to your luxury boat, Learjet, bar or restaurant or your new kitchen or front door we can supply you with exactly what you need.

Metalier Coatings deliver the quality that Granlyn now proudly and exclusively represents in the UK and Ireland. We are also the Metalier Hub for Europe. Join us to be part of the action.

Call Alison on 0121 588 7888 or contact her directly:

Alison McDonald
07791 890 459

Metalier liquid metal aluminium in The Sugar Club

About Our Founders

The Metalier founders are New Zealand based. They always had a passion for metal and a passion for paint. They wanted to take paint to a new level and did so with the creation of the Metalier coating systems.

Metalier now distributes its coatings throughout the world. The directors at HQ still keep their senses of humour and no-nonsense Kiwi approach to their business and customers. They are a pleasure to do business with.