million dollar question; brass liquid metal; brass triple-polished brushed gloss

The Million Dollar Question for Metalier

The Million Dollar Question

For us the million dollar question has always been, how did you find us?

We always ask the people who contact us but the answer is always elusive. I was just “surfing the net” – right, what keywords did you use? What questions did you ask?  I don’t know or, I don’t remember. Hey, we’re mighty pleased you got to us but we’d still love to know how.

Metalier liquid metal is an idea, a concept, that isn’t in the consciousness of most of our target market – architects and designers who would specify our products – and talented and artistic applicators who will apply and finish it.

Metalier is like metal veneer.

So how did wood veneer get started? It reminds me of an old joke about “The Happy Birthday Chicken”. What’s that? Nothing yet – but how do you think the Easter Bunny got started?

In days past people sneered at wood veneer because of what it is. Now, almost no-one would dream of using solid timber. Today people are using sheet metal when there are heaps of reasons why they shouldn’t – weight, cost, difficulty of handling, limited sheet sizes. The list goes on. But who knows to look for metal veneer?

Brass/gold bring millions of dollars to mind

Which is why we chose our triple-polished brushed brass to feature in this blog. The website dark shadowing somewhat ruins the colour so here it is again. As is always the case, however, pictures never do justice to the brightness of real metal in the flesh – so to speak.

million dollar question; brass liquid metal; brass triple-polished brushed gloss

The million dollar question is a global one

Right now, the global growth areas for Metalier are India, the USA and Europe. And
no-one in all those continents can tell us how they found us. We keep asking ….

So, finding out what and why is a million dollar question with a million dollar answer.
If you can deliver the million dollar answer then, to coin a phrase,
we’re talking turkey, serious turkey.

So contact us via email, contact form, the telephone. Whats App, Facebook,
Instagram or Pinterest (not Twitter ☹☹)
with the code SERIOUS TURKEY and let’s talk – soon.


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Metalier brass polish

Brass Polish in Stunning Fitout

Brass polish a keynote in Auckland Apartment

Metalier coatings in a brass polish has been used to great effect on cabinetry in the lounge area of an Auckland apartment. The designer of this stunning fitout is Auckland-based designer Lauren Hare of Hare Interiors Ltd. The images are by David Straight.

Metalier brass polish, stunning fitout


Brass polish is 95% metal

Metalier Coatings are a composite of real metal powder and a binder. When sanded and polished the coating is 95% metal which makes it extremely durable. It also shines to a very high polish. Because of the composite nature of the product, however, there is an element of moodiness in it, even with a high polish.  This adds movement depth and interest to the end product.

The Metalier feature provides a focus

This quality of the finished product is demonstrated by its use in this residential interior and provides a focus for the other elements of the room. The brass, gold, pink and oatmeal, together with the little floral hint in two of the cushions, add up to an interior we’re proud to be a part of.

brass polish screen, Metalier liquid Metal

We happen to know that there is a glorious view out the window on the left of the image. The subtleties and warmth of the décor allow a balance between the inside and the outdoors.

Lauren is a regular user of Metalier Coatings and we enjoy working with her. She prides herself on intimate detailing and a mastery of form, scale and sensitivity to materiality.  We know that any project from Hare will be exciting and interesting to work on and one that we will be proud to have in our portfolio.