Bronze liquid metal paint finish created on latex.

Bronze liquid metal paint was used to create this sumptuous finish on a piece of latex. To make sure that the latex was properly coated our Water-based Flexible Binder was used.

Flexible binder

Metalier’s Flexible Binder was designed mainly for the film, theatre and larp industries. This piece of latex was given to us so that the binder could be put through its paces. Even though we say it ourselves, we think the bronze liquid metal paint looks spectacular. The pattern underlying the metal is in the substrate. It is not, on this occasion, created using our textured techniques. In fact, it is not possible to create textures using the Flexible Binder – they must always be in the substrate. Metalier’s polishing techniques, however, allow the full beauty of the metal to be exposed.


Bronze is one of the favourite alloys – and Metalier has bronze in many varieties. We have bronze, smoky bronze, chocolate bronze, dusky bronze and gunmetal bronze. Bronze is, in fact, so versatile that it doesn’t always even have the brown look associated with the metal. Dusky bronze is a greenish grey and gunmetal bronze, as you would expect, is a deep grey – well gunmetal – colour.

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