Nebula Liquid Metal is a new finish combining metal, artistry and exclusive patinas.

Nebula Liquid Metal Finish was created in the workshop at HQ in Auckland, New Zealand, for a very lucky client’s front door.

If it’s not mixing our metaphors we are over the moon about the finish. It truly is very beautiful and conjures up images of the heavens and interstellar dust clouds. A nebular in the sky, just like this Metalier finish, is a truly wondrous thing to behold. They are named after the Latin word for cloud. For humanity nebulae are objects of endless intrigue and discovery.

We’re fond of a bit of actual star-gazing ourselves. When this door finish was created, we were looking down at it – but we felt like we were looking upwards. The designer and the client are thrilled.

We’ve shared the formula for this magic finish with our international hubs so that, no matter where you are, you can have this finish for your door or cupboards or reception desk – whatever. And the beauty of this finish is that it is organic. Although we’ll use the same metals and processes again and again, each iteration of the finish will look slightly different and will be unique. This is because there will be different humidity and temperatures and no two people will apply the patina in the same way each time.

Nebula Liquid Metal finish is a fantastic example of the artistic creations possible using Metalier metals and our fabulous range of patinas.

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