Liquid Metal North America

Liquid Metal North America is proudly represented by Premera Coatings of Texas.

Premera Coatings has, for a number of years, specialized in the production of protective coatings. It is now moving into the architectural and design world with new products that beautify as well as protect. Metalier and Premera Coatings have worked together  since 2012. Premera’s move to increase their decorative coating line brought their business into synergy with Metalier. The short version of the story is that we have teamed up together. Premera has now taken on the role of Metalier distribution in North America. We’re very excited about the opportunities that this opens up not only for us and Premera but also for our customers.

With Premera we are looking to appoint specialist applicators throughout North America who can apply and finish Metalier coatings. The plan is to limit the number of applicators so this is an opportunity that won’t last. If you are a high-end coatings specialist looking to increase the offerings you can give to your customers then Metalier could be just what you are looking for. Premera will also supply OEMs such as door and furniture-makers who would like to take the product range in-house.

The Metalier programme is run from Bedford, Texas by Doug Foster with assistance from Tim Loden. Tim has been our “go-to” person in North America for 8 years. There’s not much he doesn’t know about Metalier.

In this early stage of the new relationship – it began on January 1st 2024 – please contact Tim in the first instance. He knows the product line, which products you will need and he has developed an incredible tool we call “Estimator”. Estimator is an extremely complex piece of Excel design. What it does though, when you’ve told it how big a job is, what metal and finish is required and so on, it will produce an inventory of material required for the job and even produce a PO. What’s not to like?

Premera’s principal address is:

2051 Reliance Pkwy,
Bedford, TX 76021.

Despatch is from:

Nukote Fulfilment Centre
2729 HWY 473
Kendalia, TX 78027

Contact Tim Loden by telephone (678) 910 4257 and email.

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