Metalier liquid metal classic gold polish
Classic Gold
Metalier's liquid metal champagne gold polish
Champagne Gold
Metalier liquid metal rose gold polish
Rose Gold

Classic, Rose and Champagne Gold Liquid Metal

Metalier’s gold liquid metal comes in three standard formulations.

We’ve called them classic/rich gold, rose gold and champagne gold.

Just in case anyone should be confused we need to make it very clear that it’s not elemental gold, the precious metal, that is part of the Metalier range.

Classic Gold

Classic gold is our “gold”. It’s more golden than brass and doesn’t have the greenish tinge which brass sometimes has. Rich gold is the same formulation as classic gold but is made with a higher metal concentration for extra sheen.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a pinkish gold. It was created for the Epsilon hair salon at Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. The salon has a very pretty pink theme and the metal highlights the other elements in the salon – pink mirrors and light-fittings.

Champagne Gold

Champagne gold was formulated for a bank of elevators in Harrods of London. The colour was devised by our team in the UK. It is not a yellow gold. The colour is mellowed to a pale delicate hue – just like champagne.

A cost-effective way to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful metal without the precious metal price tag.

All the golds in the gold liquid metal range are created by combining two or more metals together. The colours shown on our website have specific formulations which we share with all applicators.

The colours that we have created are not the only options, however. The ratio of metals can be adjusted to create variations on a theme and to match fabrics or other elements. One of the most satisfying aspects of working with Metalier metals is creating new colours, new designs and new patterns.

We didn’t know until we looked it up that the largest producer of gold is China. The world consumption of gold is about 50% in jewellery, 40% in investments and 10% in industry.

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