Hot Weather Retardant is for Water based Binders

Hot Weather Retardant is a water-based product designed for the water-based and flexible binders.

Hot Weather Retardant is not exactly a thinner as such but it performs a similar task to the solvent-based thinner. The retardant slightly thins the material for spraying. Its main function, however, is to make sure that the mixture does not cure too quickly. You want it to be out of the gun and nicely on its destination substrate before the mixture begins to cure. Please do not add it to a solvent-based mix!

Optimum temperatures for Metalier are between 20-25 degrees Celsius

20 to 25 degrees Celsius is 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the optimum temperature range for the storage of Metalier binders. It also is the optimum temperature range to work with them as well. Our USA distributor is based in Indiana and can experience very high temperatures in summer. Other parts of the States experience can get very hot too. We’ve been in Texas when it’s been over 100 degrees. In Brunei, parts of India and the Middle East temperatures can also be in the 80′s to 100 degrees.

Metalier Hot Weather Retardant is designed to mitigate the effects of hotter climates

Ideally Metalier coatings should be applied in controlled temperature areas such as a spray booth or air-conditioned room. The retardant will only help to slow the evaporation process – temperature control is even better. In the UK and colder climes, hot weather retardant is unlikely to be required. There an infra-red heater and a heated spray booth are going to be far more useful!

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