Concrete and metal coating on concrete are strong materials that sit well together

The stunning and evocative design by Ferran Bruges of Spain is an example of the strength of metal and concrete together

This design is clearly for indoors so moisture ingress and egress will not be an issue. For outdoor applications, however, it is important to take care and ensure that there is no danger of moisture becoming trapped in the concrete substrate. Concrete to be coated with metal must be fully and totally sealed or provision made for the egress of moisture.

It is not possible, for example, to place a metal coated tile on to earth or completely submerge the uncoated part of an object in earth. The concrete will draw the moisture up into the substrate and then have no place to go. The result is the metal coating on concrete may be pushed off the surface.

Correct application of metal coating on concrete is essential

There is no problem ensuring adhesion to concrete – it is an excellent substrate as long as the rules about moisture are followed.

There are a number of concrete sealers on the market which will be suitable for many situations. There is nothing, however, that will prevent unsealed concrete from sucking up moisture from the earth.

You can freely apply metal coating on concrete when you are staying inside but if you want to move outdoors we suggest you contact us to make sure that the application you propose will be successful.

Concrete is the most widely used fabricated material by tonnage

It’s important to Metalier that it is compatible with concrete. The ancient Romans were great users of concrete and the Pantheon in Rome and the Colosseum were important buildings using concrete. The use of concrete became rare when the Roman empire collapsed. It was redeveloped in the mid-18th century. Now concrete is the most widely used fabricated material (measured by tonnage). That isn’t surprising when you think of all the tilt-slab buildings being built these days, plus motorway walls and so on.

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