Chosing waxes and polishes

Choose waxes and polishes that are as fluid as possible

Fluid waxes and polishes allow applicators to spread them more evenly and to work them into the metals more readily until the desired affect is created.

Waxes and polishes help to slow oxidisation

Metalier’s Nano Metal Clear Coat is the best protection against oxidisation. Sometimes, however, all you want to achieve is to delay oxidisation rather than stopping it completely. Sometimes you may want the effect of a gently ageing metal. In that case choose a wax or polish as a finish to the coating.

You can add colours to wax to achieve different effect. Aluminium in particular can take a subtle colour effect. Use a coloured wax if you want to change the colour of the metal. Use clear wax or polish if no colour is required.

As well, use of waxes and polishes will help to bring the metal to a very shiny finish.

Metal polish helps to remove finger marks

All metals and metal finishes are prone to show finger marks. Polish will remove these, except perhaps for the very worst which may require a light sanding with scotchbrite or a similar mild abrasive. As the metals age and cure more deeply they are less prone to marks,and polish alone will keep the surface pristine. Do not clean Metalier metals with harsh abrasives such as Brasso.

We continue to test and play with the polishes on the market. You will achieve better results more quickly if you choose a more fluid type of polish or wax. This is easier for the applicator to work so is faster to apply than more solid materials. Applicators can be so much more creative if their materials are easy to work with. And creativity is what Metalier is all about.

If you would like more information about the choices available, and whether you should choose wax or polish please contact us to discuss the best option for your job or application.

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