Metalier is a one stop shop for decorative metal extras so you can make all the Metalier finishes

Essential decorative metal extras include:

Thickener for solvent-based textured finishes – an essential ingredient to build up the product mix so that it will stay firm so that it can be moulded.

Thinner for smooth and polished solvent-based finishes – frequently a mixture of metals and binder only is too thick to come out of the spray gun. Thinner allows the mixture to be applied. Its formula ensures that it is catalysed along with the binder to minimise the risk of shrinkage.

Hot Weather Retardant for water-based finishes. The water-based binders are not catalysed by a catalyst but by evaporation.  This works well except in the heat when the mixture begins to cure before you are ready for it to do so.

There are only two things we don’t provide. First is Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP) which is in common use everywhere and difficult to ship.  Second is water, the only thinner required for the Water-based binder and the Flexible Binder.

Desirable decorative metal extras include:

Patinas – Metalier currently has 3 formulations of patinas.

Metal Clear Coat – Metalier has searched far and wide to access a clear coat that does not make the metal coating look like plastic. This clear coat ticks all the boxes and we recommend it. It is formulated using nano-based technology which means that it lays down in a very fine layer. The quartz crystals in the coating give it strength and durability without a heavy layer of product.

Also essential to produce many finishes are black wax, polish and polishing compounds. We can advise on the brands we use and recommend.

Check the extras out on their own pages and contact us for more information.

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