Architects and Designers, Boat Builders and Landscape Architects use Metalier metals inside and out.

Architects and designers, you can apply our metal coatings on virtually any substrate and create a beautiful, durable, genuine metal finish. No one will know, unless you tell them, that it is a fine metal coating rather than solid sheet or cast metal.

Metalier metal finishes are “metal as art” as Auckland designer David Ponting has said.

With so many options available and new ones being created all the time, Metalier metal finishes gives Architects and Designers the opportunity to make a significant artistic statement. Metalier metal coatings can be used in the following situations and locations…

Hospitality fit-outs: Bars, cafes, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants

Commercial fit-outs: Lifts, foyers, offices, reception areas

Retail fit-outs: Arcades, malls, shops

Marine fit-outs: Boats, launches, super-yachts

Aeronautical fit-outs: Private jets

Domestic fit-outs: Holiday homes, private residences, palaces

Popular Indoor Uses

  • Galley cupboards and yacht and launch cabinetry.
  • Elevator doors, interiors and surrounds.
  • Feature walls.
  • Building panels and decorative panels.
  • Reception desks and bars.
  • Front doors, boardroom doors, feature doors, door handles.
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.
  • Fireplace surrounds.
  • Chairs, sofa arms, benches, shelves.
  • Decorative timber flooring.
  • Tables, boardroom tables.
  • Light fittings and switches.

Popular Outdoor Uses

  • Gates and fences.
  • Swimming pool surrounds.
  • Water features, garden art, sculpture.
  • Tiles, doors, louvres.
  • Chimney surrounds.
  • Light fittings and switches.
  • Statement front doors.

The only things that can’t be coated with our metal coatings are things like waxed surfaces where you can’t create a key. And we can’t coat people either which, on the whole, we think is rather a good thing.

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