Patinas produce a chemical reaction on most metals

Metalier patinas are in three formulations which react differently with different metals.

Even aluminium oxidises and applying a patina to it gives a soft look to a metal that is frequently shiny or brushed.

Following is a list of the Metalier patinas and the effects they create:

  • M5, can be used on iron to create different rust. In most conditions M5 creates a red-brown rust.
  • M5 creates a green patination effect on the brown metals; bronze, brass and copper. and smoky bronze (it used to be called canyon).
  • M16 creates an aged look in brass, bronze and smoky bronze (canyon).
  • M18 creates various aged copper effects.
  • Undiluted M18 creates very dark colouring whilst heavily diluted M18 creates a pearlescent effect.

Applying patinas

You can dilute all of the patinas with water.

Atmospheric conditions like temperature and humidity all have an effect on the patina colours.

The metal component of the coating must be exposed for a patina to react successfully.  All surface oxides must be removed. On occasion you may need to sandblast the finish to expose the metals. This is particularly true of complex pieces. With complex pieces you need to make sure that the deep reveals and grooves are sandblasted.  The patina will work most effectively in these areas. In nature you will see that patination occurs particularly there. Follow nature to create an authentic look.

Patina solutions may be applied in many ways, here are a few:

  • using a maroon Scotch-Brite pad
  • dipping the coated object in the patina solution (except for MDF which will swell)
  • misting patina on with a spray bottle
  • using a sea sponge or a paintbrush

We remind you – this is art!

Colours achieved with the Metalier range

The 3 Metalier patinas produce different results on different metals. The temperature and humidity will affect their performance and dilution may produce a different colour.

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