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The Sugar Club, Brass entrance doors in Metalier liquid metal

Thanks very much for taking the trip. The open door is symbolic – we welcome you with open arms, or open doors anyway.

We said that there would be an offer if you took the time to visit us. We want architects and designers to experience Metalier Coatings and see for yourselves the amazing opportunities it offers you to create something new, different and unique. Pictures don’t really do really do justice to the fabulous metal coating we have created. There are lots of ways Metalier liquid metal can assist you to realise your designs but I want to tell you about the offer right now. And you can read about the whys and hows afterwards.

The offer – here it is:

It is for architects, designers, potential in-house applicators and OEMS. When you request your samples please tell us about your business.

The offer is made by Metalier International HQ in New Zealand and does not apply to samples from any of our distributors.

Offer A: We will send free of charge, 5 business-card sized of the metals of your choice and we’ll even pay the postage to anywhere in the world. Choose your metals on the form below.


Offer B: If you would like a full sample box of 25 samples we will give you that FREE too. We ask you to help us out by paying the postage or courier fee.
The sample box is 200 x 100 x 70 and weighs 5-700 grams (8″ x 4″ x 2 3/4″ weight – just over 1lb to 1.5lbs)

Head to the form below to place your order:
If you would like to read all about the whys of Metalier Coatings you can read them here.

Or you could contact us by email or telephone +6493767099

The short version is:

  1. Any substrate even mundane ones like MDF
  2. It’s very light.
  3. It’s seamless.
  4. It is cold so doesn’t damage the substrate.
  5. It isn’t limited to flat surfaces.
  6. It’s easier (and cheaper) to cut than sheet metal.
  7. There’s so many more metals and colourways to choose from than sheet metal.
  8. It can be textured, waxed and patinated.
  9. It’s cost effective.
  10. It’s environmentally friendly
  11. We have the best Clear Coat in the world – really!

Rush me samples now!