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Metal Kitchen Design | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier is a versatile contribution to metal kitchen design

Metalier’s liquid metal has featured as a significant component in many metal kitchen design ideas.

A specially-created silver effect was used in a kitchen and also the kitchen/bar of a prominent Auckland legal firm’s senior partners’ common room.

Metalier’s liquid metal rust has been used to great effect on glass in a private kitchen design.  Canyon (smoky bronze) has featured as a rangehood cover in another.

Metalier’s liquid metal in black waxed aluminium the featured image was specified in the metal kitchen design for Hallensteins.

Metal Kitchen Design with Metalier can be flamboyant or discrete

Whether your muse takes you to minimal and sleek or bold vibrant colour and patterns Metalier allows you to realise your unique metal kitchen design.  And on occasions you can be sleek and flamboyant – the Hallensteins’ kitchen is a great example of this.  Sleek, sophisticated and moody black waxed aluminium teams with a riot of colour in the splash-back tiles.

Metalier finishes can be riotous too

Think vivid green or black patina on iron or copper.  Think pearlescent tones on copper, mountain gold and brass.  Think our 4 varieties of rust.  Think metal combinations and also think Lace.  We’ve just acquired a new lace which features beautiful roses.  It’s called Diana, no doubt after Princess Di.

This is lovely as one metal in two “depths”.  But it will be spectacular in two different metals.

We are feeling very pleased to be working with Mal Corboy at the moment.  Mal Corboy is an international award-winning kitchen designer.  He does bathrooms too but is most known for his kitchens.  Mal’s kitchens are adventurous and eye-catching.  We love working with him because his ideas are so original.

To get your kitchen ideas into reality contact Metalier here to see what the options are.  They are actually unlimited.  Or fill in the contact form below.


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awesome distributors, London Surface Design Show

Awesome Distributors | Metalier Liquid Metal

International Awesome Distributors

This week is going to be an unashamed rave about Metalier’s awesome distributors.

First Brunei

Mettech Design Solution our awesome distributors in Brunei Darussalam posted on Facebook photographs of great work they have done on glass.  Yes glass is a suitable substrate for Metalier Liquid Metal Coatings.

Then Russia

Andrew of Prime Décor in Yekaterinberg our awesome distributor in the Russian Federation proudly posted pictures of his first Metalier commission.  He has every right to be proud.  His work is beautiful and the design fantastic.  Andrew is the newest member of the Metalier team and we’re very proud to have him on board.

And then we have the UK

Craig & Ali & Steve of Granlyn Specialist Coatings, our awesome distributors in the UK and Ireland and our European Hub, have excelled themselves again at the Surface Design Show in London.  The show has just finished today and they have had 620 visitors to their stand in under 2 and a half days.  Once again they were the star of the show.   We love the iron ball in the forefront of the picture on this page.  The little dots are magnets. They had 4 different visitors say that their stand was the most innovating and interesting in the whole show.  And we can understand why.  We expect they might be a mite exhausted by now!

There has to be a reason

There has to be a reason why so many people in such different parts of the world have become such awesome distributors.  And the reason is quite simple – Metalier Liquid Metal Coatings are easy to work with and allow you to release your creativity and produce beautiful work that you couldn’t produce any other way.

If you think you would like to be part of the team but are hesitating – then don’t.  Contact us by email or telephone or fill in the form below.  To see more pictures of the work we’re bragging about,  like us on Facebook  and keep up to date with the Metalier world.


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Exterior metal coating

Exterior metal coating | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier is an Exterior Metal Coating.

Metalier’s real metal can be used as an exterior metal coating or an interior one.  It so happens that most of the recent commissions in New Zealand have been interior.   We are, however, just as happy outdoors as we are inside.

The properties of Metalier make it an ideal exterior coating

First – the principal ingredient in Metalier is real metal.  Metals oxidise with age: if not protected they patina or rust.  But they are unaffected by UV which is a huge bonus for outdoor coatings.  Think how many coatings fade and look dull when exposed to the sun.  This just doesn’t happen with Metalier.

We like using the example of a pair of church doors to illustrate this property.   Before Metalier they were varnished wood.  One door was left open most days so people could pop into the building for a quiet time.  The other was closed.  The varnish on door that was open most of the time kept looking good for many years.  The closed door which took the full force of the elements looked like it.  When both doors were closed they looked quite different.

Metalier bronze was applied to the doors.  Now, eight years later they look like the day they were installed.  An excellent in situ uv experiment.

Second – Metalier real metal exterior metal coating is durable.  It lasts for 25 plus years and protected with our nano clear coat, provided the clear coat is not heavily abraided there is no reason why it shouldn’t last 25 years too.  So at 50 years that’s the life expectancy required for most new buildings and structures in New Zealand.

Third – water does not damage Metalier – an essential ingredient for an exterior metal coating.  Metalier has been used in fountains and water features and we currently have a bath in our workshop which is being coated with Mountain Gold polish.  It will look amazing and I promise photos.

Fourth – metal is a beautiful inorganic natural material.  Metalier brings metal to architecture and design in a way that minimises the use of this precious resource.  We are very proud of that.

Contact us here to organize us to coat your new water feature,  the letters outside your house or on your apartment (we’ve just done the numbers for the Vert apartments on Jervois Road, Herne Bay) or for panels or features or maybe a statue.  Metalier can do it all.

Or contact us using the form below.


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