You can apply Metalier’s metal coating to almost all substrates

Because it is so versatile you can apply Metalier’s metal coating to almost anything

Substrates you can choose are almost unlimited. Metalier, however, won’t adhere to waxed surfaces and you can’t coat people. Anything that you can rough up to make a key will work with Metalier metal coat. You can’t create a key on wax and you can’t create a key on people either. They won’t stay still long enough and most people object to being “sanded”.

The gold Bond girl’s death wasn’t scientifically based

The gold coating sprayed on the Bond girl in the James Bond movie “Goldfinger” wouldn’t have killed her either. We’re amused as the idea of coating people is original Kiwi humour and our humour has been copied. They always did say that copying is the highest form of flattery. So thank you.

Check out the substrates below

You can apply Metalier’s Metal Coating to ceramics, cloth, concrete, fibreglass (or fiberglass), glass, plastics, acrylic, wood, high-density foam, polystyrene, mdf and other metals.

Check out ideas for where to use Metalier

Metal coat can also be used in a wide variety of professions and industries – think architecture and design, signage, art, films. Think metal coat in bars, restaurants, hotels, yachts, liners, on aeroplanes. Think metal coat for interiors, exteriors, on walls and floors – just about anywhere.

A real plus for Metalier’s metal coatings are that they are so light

This means that signage which would otherwise be created using sheet metal can be made using, say, acrylic and a Metalier metal. This also makes the sign more cost-effective. It also means that there is less strain on the building or structure where the sign is placed.

When reduced weight is important you can still have metal with Metalier

And in yachts and aeroplanes where lightness is essential for speed and minimal or reduced fuel consumption, Metalier means that you can still have the metal look and feel without compromising performance. It is more environmentally-friendly too.

Use Metalier in any setting – even the tricky ones

Our range of metals and the versatility of our cold-spray technology let you use Metalier Coatings in almost any setting – even the tricky ones. And even the tricky substrates too.

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