Aluminium Liquid Metal

Metalier’s liquid metal aluminium finish is a beautiful light grey.

Metalier's aluminium liquid metal won’t rust

It does, however, react to a patina which makes it look moody and interesting. You can also create a different and darker look by applying black wax to it. This can be on a smooth or textured section. The wax or patina can accentuate the “lows” of a texture to give it greater depth.

Metalier Aluminium Liquid Metal Can Be Tinted

Add a little copper to create a warm grey. Add a lot of copper to achieve a blush pink colour. Add a little brass to see a gold colour filter through the grey.See our other metal finishes for more information on the options.

Aluminium is 100% Recyclable. It is also very light. 30 kilograms or metal will coat the same area as 50 kilograms of the other metals in the Metalier range. It is soft and ductile and it’s theoretically 100% recyclable. That’s a quality we like about it as well as the beautiful effects you can create. It’s also the most abundant metal on earth and makes up 8% of the earth’s crust.

Aluminium is a low-density metal

It is noted for its ability to slow corrosion. It is this quality, as well as its beauty and availability, that makes aluminium such a popular joinery choice for modern architecture.

Use Metalier’s aluminium liquid metal to complement other aluminium features.

Metalier’s aluminium liquid metal can be smooth and shiny like most moulded and extruded aluminium joinery or it can be textured or left in a “raw” state to add interest.

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