LLC Prime Décor represents Metalier Liquid Metal in Sverdlovsk a province of the Russia Federation

LLC Prime Décor is the sole authorised distributor of Metalier – Liquid Metal Sverdlovsk in the City of Ekaterinburg in the province of Sverdlovskaya.

The principle of LLC Prime Décor is very kind to the English speakers at Metalier HQ and calls himself Andrew Skipin even though his email address has his name as андрей скипин.

Andrew says that he is “very impressed by Metalier’s revolutionary products and decorative possibilities lurking in them! It is really “bomb” on decor market! We like that! Andrew has been an artist-decorator for over 7 years (hand-made fresco, decorative plasters, panels etc). And he is happy to create the new decorative textures, visual effects with Metalier materials, and to promote our goods on local market among designers, architectors, builders, furniture manufacturers etc.

We love it that Andrew and his team are creative. They are also intrepid and persistent which we’ve all had to be to sort out the logistics of being in Russia.

Liquid Metal | Sverdlovsk is located at Ekaterinburg, the fourth largest city in Russia.

Ekaterinburg is a beautiful city situated east of the Ural Mountains. Only St Petersburg, Moscow and the city of Novosibirsk are bigger. Ekaterinburg was a city loyal to the monarchy and is the place where the Tsar and his family met their end at the hand of the Bolsheviks in 1918. It’s also named for the Russian Empress, Catherine the Great.

When they are not at work, creating beautiful Metalier finishes, Andrew and his family like to spend time in the country relaxing with friends. They enjoy Russian kebabs, Russian sauna, Russian billiards, talking about politics, boxing and hockey, and listening to children’s laughter and fun.

We are confident that Liquid Metal | Sverdlovsk is in very safe hands.

To contact Andrew by email click here.

The address for LLC Prime Decor is OSD-studio, 21 Chapaeva str. Ekaterinburg City.

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