Liquid Metal Australia is open for business

The most recent distributor to join the Metalier team is Abel & Glen based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Our liquid metal |Australia partners are a family business of father and daughters with mother helping out too. The members of the A & G team have over 25 years of building and engineering experience. Clayton Abel, who is known as the “mad scientist”, is a master builder by trade. A & G began their successful foray into coatings with an Italian brand of micro-cement and have been inspired to add metal to their offerings. And we’re very glad they chose Metalier.

Abel and Glen describe themselves as purveyors of contemporary finishes and custom decorative pieces. They work in both commercial and residential areas. They love to help their clients think creatively to achieve their desired look and feel. They are also happy to work with designers and creatives to bring ideas into reality.

Abel and Glen believe that less is more, as we do at HQ too. They source the most innovative design sources to create high-end quality finishes for their customers. Judging by the work they are already turning out in a very short time of working with the Metalier system, they are very good at it too. We couldn’t have asked for better representatives. And their service and the speed with which they follow up on questions is second to none.

Abel and Glen have an existing network of micro-cement sub-distributors throughout Australia. Clay is experienced in conducting workshops for micro-cement application and plans to include the Metalier system in the training as well. In all, an ideal distributor to join the international team.

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Abel & Glen
Unit 21, 18 Wurrook Circuit
Caringbah, NSW 2229

Their telephone number is (612) 9531 1027 and email

Or you can contact us and we’ll connect you up.

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