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Metalier University – become an expert

Metalier University  - an idea from North America.

Metalier University is a term coined by the Metalier Team at our North American Hub. M2, our exclusive distributor in North America has a vast area to service. So they’re doing it by holding 3 day training courses in Elkhart, Indiana and they have produced a comprehensive video course as an alternative.

While not actually a university – really – Metalier training courses are comprehensive and every one leaves saying they’ve learned heaps.

One of the attendees at the first session at Elkhart, Ron Opatril of Phoenix Arizona, had this to say:

"The days spent with all of you was well worth it! We are working on a couple of ideas that should prove to be positive for all of us. I have shown the images to several high end designers in the Arizona market and heads are spinning."

Not only do you learn heaps, you also come out with a great certificate for your office wall which confirms that you are an authorised Metalier Applicator. Sort of like getting a degree, don’t you think? “I’ve got an MA from Metalier University” sounds pretty good to me.

And above all – the courses are “hands-on” and they’re heaps of fun. The guys in the picture all look like they’ve had a good time, don’t they. And our team has a great time too. We love the initial looks of wonder as they start to “get” what Metalier is all about. We love too the look of pride on the faces of the attendees as they start to create their own finishes and try out their ideas.

Metalier North America is spreading its wings across the USA. We have trained people from 8 states now.

1 in Arizona, 3 from California, 1 from Colorado, 1 from Texas, 1 from Georgia, 2 from Wisconsin, 2 from Michigan, 1 from Indiana and 1 from New York.

To join the next course at Metalier University or complete their on-line training please contact Tim. Metalier University has branches too, you know: in the UK contact Alison; and at HQ contact Mary.


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copper veneer

Copper veneer | a design element

Copper veneer | How to be on trend

Copper veneer as a design element is a way of adding a warm glow and elegance to any home, office, restaurant or commercial fit-out. Copper, along with brass and rose gold are much less harsh than the greys and are soft and reflective. It is “on trend” in 2017 as designers move away from grey and into the light comforting tones of the “brown” metals.

Metalier NZ coated aluminium louvres with copper so that the louvres would match the roof, spouting and downpipes. Not only did this solve the external aesthetics of the building, it created a warm copper glow in the interior.

Antiqued Copper from India

In this post we are showcasing a copper pattern created by our talented team in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India who are all set up ready to train applicators on the Indian sub-continent and also the Middle East. This particular antiqued finish is created using Metalier’s own patinas.

It’s a design the Indian team have created. It looks somewhat like the antiqued copper we produce at Head Quarters but it has its own unique stamp. This is because Metalier is a hand-crafted bespoke finish. Every person who creates a finish will put their own stamp on it. This means that the number of finishes is truly immense. It also means that if a sample is to be created for a job, the the person who is going to do the job should create the sample. What it means for our delighted Metalier customers is that they can be confident that no one will have a metal effect that looks exactly like anyone else’s.

There are now Metalier applicators in the UK, in the USA, Brunei, Belgium, Russia, Iran, Vietnam, the Philippines as well as India. We haven’t kept up with how many applicators there are in many of the countries – however, you can contact them through us

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Paper Airplanes | Flexible Binder

Paper Airplanes – Metalier Flexible Binder

Paper Airplanes made with Metalier iron in our flexible binder have been used as a marketing teaser by our UK distributors, Granlyn Specialist Coatings since they first joined the team. That was 5 years ago now so that’s a lot of architects and designers who have a paper airplane on their desks!

Paper Airplanes made with Metalier iron are magnetic

A really clever part of the teaser is that if you add a little magnet to the surface you’ve told the person who opens the envelope that they’re holding something made or real metal. And you’ve told them that it is metal that will bend and can be folded.

Metal Monkey Design has made a video

Metal Monkey Design are a certified Metalier applicator in the UK. They’ve made this cute little video about how to make a paper airplane. Watch it here. It demonstrates beautifully how we have fun with Metalier and it also demonstrates the unique qualities of our flexible liquid metal coating.

You can apply metal to paper.

The coating bends and folds.

It’s light so it can fly.

Metalier flexible liquid metal was formulated primarily for the film and larp industries at the behest of world-renown studios, Weta Workshop. It was designed particularly to be a durable coating to adhere to latex armour. Weta needed the coating to be especially durable so that it wouldn’t get damaged when actors fall off horses. Finally it needed to be a “clean” coating too. There’s nothing worse than the hero snuggling up to a heroine for a wee kiss and getting dirt all over her white robes, negligee or whatever. It’s been used by the Royal Shakespeare Company too – we’re very proud of these feathers in the Metalier cap.

To outfit your army or create your very own fleet of planes contact HQ here, USA here, and Granlyn here.