Copper veneer | How to be on trend

Copper veneer as a design element is a way of adding a warm glow and elegance to any home, office, restaurant or commercial fit-out. Copper, along with brass and rose gold are much less harsh than the greys and are soft and reflective. It is “on trend” in 2017 as designers move away from grey and into the light comforting tones of the “brown” metals.

Metalier NZ coated aluminium louvres with copper so that the louvres would match the roof, spouting and downpipes. Not only did this solve the external aesthetics of the building, it created a warm copper glow in the interior.

Antiqued Copper from India

In this post we are showcasing a copper pattern created by our talented team in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India who are all set up ready to train applicators on the Indian sub-continent and also the Middle East. This particular antiqued finish is created using Metalier’s own patinas.

It’s a design the Indian team have created. It looks somewhat like the antiqued copper we produce at Head Quarters but it has its own unique stamp. This is because Metalier is a hand-crafted bespoke finish. Every person who creates a finish will put their own stamp on it. This means that the number of finishes is truly immense. It also means that if a sample is to be created for a job, the the person who is going to do the job should create the sample. What it means for our delighted Metalier customers is that they can be confident that no one will have a metal effect that looks exactly like anyone else’s.

There are now Metalier applicators in the UK, in the USA, Brunei, Belgium, Russia, Iran, Vietnam, the Philippines as well as India. We haven’t kept up with how many applicators there are in many of the countries – however, you can contact them through us

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