Patina adds a new dimension to metal

Patina is a thin layer which forms on copper, bronze and similar metals (as well as wood and stone).

It can add colour (think green Verdigris copper roofs) movement and texture. The picture on this page, is of the recently refurbished and extended Atomic Cafe in trendy Kingsland in Auckland, NZ.  Metalier coated perforated MDF panels with copper and then applied a patina to age the copper. It adds a beautiful aesthetic to a great fit-out.

Many and varied effects can be created by patina

At Metalier we rely heavily on 3 patinas – M5, M16 and M 18 – so named simply because of their originating testing samples. As they produce different results on different metals we couldn’t give them a colour name like green patina (for example).

M5 on iron creates a red-brown rust. Iron rust is a very popular finish in New Zealand and the US. It’s not so popular in the UK. When applied to the “brown” metals, bronze, brass, copper and canyon (smoky bronze) a green patination effect is produced.

M16 creates an aged look in the brown metals and M18 creates various copper effects. When undiluted M18 creates a very dark colouring and when heavily diluted it creates a pearlescent effect – one of the most delicate finishes we can create.

Patinas are fragile and delicate creatures. They can be protected with our Nano clear coat but it is important to apply this carefully to avoid disturbing the patina and more importantly to reduce the colour changes that all clear coats invariably cause.

Different atmospheric conditions and various chemical compounds cause different colours – I know that. What I don’t understand is why the copper on two church roofs not 200 metres away from each other on Ponsonby Road in Auckland should produce such different colours – one is brown and the other green. The brown one is a lot older but I don’t think that’s the answer.

If you know why we’d be pleased if you’d tell us. You can read more about Metalier patinas here. We’d also be pleased to patinate your next church roof or coffee bar or hotel or bedside table? Contact us here or complete the form below.


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