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Metal Colors | Metalier Liquid Metal

Innovative metal colors from Metalier

Innovative metal colors are one of the many things that excite us at Metalier.  Colour and design are, after all, what Metalier is all about and sometimes we have trouble containing our excitement. What with new metal colors of our own and a super new colour from Pantone, 2015 is going to be a great year for colour, variety and doing new things.

Metalier is introducing new metal colors

In the supposed quiet of January we spend a good many hours deciding on the new metal colors we will introduce to our range.  I can let slip that these include zinc and nickel silver but the others must remain a secret for now.

Pantone has announced its new color for 2015.

It’s Marsala – a sexy and warm sophisticated blend that complements colder colors and pleases the senses.  Combining it with a light grey-blue appeals to me.  The picture in the header to this blog post is a rust interpretation of marsala.  We like the little bark hearts too – just in time for Valentine’s Day.  We think marsala is a wonderful colour and as it’s a form of rather splendid alcohol too, it ticks all the boxes for us, especially on a Friday afternoon.

Metalier’s Marsala Rust

Metalier produces a reddish rust similar to Marsala by applying its proprietary Patina M5 to iron.  Our other patinas produce yellow, orange and volcanic rust so rust will fit any colour scheme you have in mind.

Metalier Innovation in 2015 is not just about new metal colors

We are also experimenting with new sharp patterns – stripes and squares and metal combinations.  They will still be hand-done but the new techniques we have developed will allow a more uniform effect.  We like it and are sure you will too.

To keep up to date with developments you could sign up for our blog, contact us through our contact page or complete the form below.  Any way suits us just fine.  We’ll look forward to hearing from you.


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Metal Sculptures | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier offers choices for Metal Sculptures

Metal Sculptures are on our minds as the biennial Waiheke Sculpture Trail has just opened.  It coincides with glorious weather in Auckland and our annual city holiday so things couldn’t be better.  The Sculpture trail is a 2km walk round one of the headlands of the island.  The views back to Auckland City and magnificent and after the walk you can enjoy a glass (or two) of award-winning Waiheke wine.  What’s not to like?

Metalier Liquid metal is suitable to use to create Metal Sculptures

The Waiheke walk (which was glorious – Auckland at its best) put me in mind of kinetic sculptures.  There are no kinetic sculptures in the exhibition this time but there is one in the garden of a house that borders the walking track.  Fascinating!  Our featured image is of a kinetic sculpture named Tailwind by Troy Pillow, an American sculptor.  You can read more about his work here.

At Metalier we have often been called upon to assist with the creation of works that are impossibly expensive in solid steel.  An example currently on the books is a civic scale kinetic sculpture.  I can’t tell you who the artist is as it’s a BIG secret.  What I can tell you is that to build it in Stainless Steel would cost $7M – that’s right – seven million dollars.  To build it using fibreglass with a Metalier Coating will cost $500000 – five hundred thousand dollars.  That is a whopping saving of 93%.  The rate-payers will jump for joy!

I couldn’t help thinking, while on the walk, that a number of the metal sculptures could have been executed with different substrates and Metalier coatings.  This could be achieved without in any way detracting from the authenticity of the work.

And with Metalier everyone wins.  The artist wins because the cost of the materials is so much less that he/she is able to put a higher value on their creativity.  The artist also wins because more cities and towns will be able to afford their works – more money, more exposure, more commissions.  The cities benefit because they pay so much less for great works of art.

Metalier benefits too, of course.   The greatest thrill for us though is being involved in something so creative.  We love artists.

If you are an artist, know one or just want to talk creatively to our team contact us here or complete the form below.


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Water-based Liquid Metal

Water-based liquid metal is leading edge.

Metalier is the world's leading manufacturer of our flexible and water-based liquid metal.  Of course we have a solvent binder too, but the world is heading towards zero VOCs and green materials.  With our water-based liquid metal binder Metalier is at the forefront of this development.  Respecting our environment is very important to us.

Water-based liquid metal has many advantages

One of the advantages is that it actually smells pleasant.  This is a great boon to applicators and finishers and their neighbours.

Another is that it dries so quickly.  This allows for a speedier turnaround of work – important in this present age of immediacy.

It makes applications in situ much easier.

It has fewer ingredients than the solvent liquid metal system so there is less chance of errors.

With the water-based liquid metal binder you don’t need acetone, gun-cleaner, thinner or catalyst so it is much quicker to make a mixture.

It has a longer shelf-life than the solvent binder.

Water-based liquid metal is non-hazardous

Our dispatch department tells us that water-based liquid metal is a dream to freight around the world.  There is no expensive Haz Mat documentation, no additional documentation fees, no off-loading by shipping companies or airlines.  And it is so much cheaper to ship.

Auckland City refurbishment

When the Auckland City offices moved into a building formerly occupied by a bank, it was essential to remove the bank branding and replace it with its own.  Part of the requirement was to coat lintels at the main doorways – a job that needed to be done in situ.  Our custom-made metal, Gunmetal Bronze, a dark gun-metal grey, was chosen by the architects.  A light-textured finish was rolled onto the lintels in situ.  The resulting effect is fabulous and very New Zealand in flavour.

The health gurus keep telling us to drink more water.  While we don’t want you to drink our water-based liquid metal we do want you to use it more and more.  You’ll be pleased you did.

Contact us for more information and advice and to get your design crafted in Metalier.


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Distributeurs en Europe | Metalier Liquid Metal

At Metalier Liquid Metal we are excited to announce that our search for distributeurs en Europe, distributors in Europa has begun in earnest.

Representatives have been appointed in France and Belgium.

Check out our new page in French for contact with our agent in France, Alain Neplaz or telephone him on   (33)6 07 66 80 88 or email him here.

Check out our new pages in French and Dutch for contact with our agent in Belgium, Moustafa Mokhtari, or telephone him on (32)499986019  or email him here.

It’s easy to get started with Metalier Liquid Metals in Europe.

Granlyn in the West Midlands UK is the hub for distributeurs en Europe.

Training Centre

Granlyn have set up a training centre in West Bromwich near Birmingham.  There is easy access to Birmingham by train from London and it boasts an international airport too.  So getting to training is easy.  Contact Alison by telephone at (44) 121 588 7888 or Mob: (44) 7791 890459 or email her to check the current price for training and book your place.

We can’t recommend training too highly.  In fact, we’ve just changed the labels on our products to include the warning that they are for use by trained applicators.  It is possible, we concede, to teach yourself, but you will waste a lot of time and a lot of product.  And if your New Year’s resolution was to take the stress out of your business, then training is a no-brainer.  It makes economic sense too.

Technical Support

Granlyn offers technical support in your time zone.  Granlyn have the application and finishing of the product down to a fine art.  They have also completed prestigious projects.  You can also still contact us for support at Head Office in New Zealand but practically we are likely to be in the Land of Nod when you need us most.

Start small and grow your business

Our European hub means that you can choose whether to begin as an applicator/applicateur and purchase small amounts from Granlyn or take the bigger step and order in bulk from HQ in NZ.


Above all we offer flexibility and assistance to get you started.  And you’ll have fun while you learn.  Laughing is one of the things we do best both here in NZ and in the UK.

Contact Alain, Moustafa, Alison, or Mary at HQ and join our team.  Let's make the Metalier map as good as the picture.


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