Metalier offers choices for Metal Sculptures

Metal Sculptures are on our minds as the biennial Waiheke Sculpture Trail has just opened.  It coincides with glorious weather in Auckland and our annual city holiday so things couldn’t be better.  The Sculpture trail is a 2km walk round one of the headlands of the island.  The views back to Auckland City and magnificent and after the walk you can enjoy a glass (or two) of award-winning Waiheke wine.  What’s not to like?

Metalier Liquid metal is suitable to use to create Metal Sculptures

The Waiheke walk (which was glorious – Auckland at its best) put me in mind of kinetic sculptures.  There are no kinetic sculptures in the exhibition this time but there is one in the garden of a house that borders the walking track.  Fascinating!  Our featured image is of a kinetic sculpture named Tailwind by Troy Pillow, an American sculptor.  You can read more about his work here.

At Metalier we have often been called upon to assist with the creation of works that are impossibly expensive in solid steel.  An example currently on the books is a civic scale kinetic sculpture.  I can’t tell you who the artist is as it’s a BIG secret.  What I can tell you is that to build it in Stainless Steel would cost $7M – that’s right – seven million dollars.  To build it using fibreglass with a Metalier Coating will cost $500000 – five hundred thousand dollars.  That is a whopping saving of 93%.  The rate-payers will jump for joy!

I couldn’t help thinking, while on the walk, that a number of the metal sculptures could have been executed with different substrates and Metalier coatings.  This could be achieved without in any way detracting from the authenticity of the work.

And with Metalier everyone wins.  The artist wins because the cost of the materials is so much less that he/she is able to put a higher value on their creativity.  The artist also wins because more cities and towns will be able to afford their works – more money, more exposure, more commissions.  The cities benefit because they pay so much less for great works of art.

Metalier benefits too, of course.   The greatest thrill for us though is being involved in something so creative.  We love artists.

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