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Metal Veneer | Aluminium | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metal Veneer | Aluminium is a popular design choice.

Aluminium was used to great effect in The Sugar Club in Auckland.   It offset the predominantly brass colours of the restaurant walls and the bling of the sheet brass on the main bar.  Metal Veneer | Aluminium was used on the kitchen bar – the doings end, if you like, of the restaurant.

Metal Veneer |Aluminium looks great on floor boards.

Metalier metal veneer, whether in aluminium or one of the other metals is eminently suitable for floors.  When it is protected with Metalier Nano Metal Clear Coat  it is extremely durable and easily cleaned.  Bringing a range of metal-coated floor boards to market is at the top of the list of our R & D projects.

Metal Veneer | Aluminium can be applied to solid aluminium too.

One of our strap-lines since our early days back in 2005 was “Real Metal on anything” meaning a real metal coating on any substrate.  The only things we can’t coat are waxed surfaces and people which is probably a good thing.  I was very disappointed to learn, however, that the murder of the Bond girl at the beginning of Goldfinger was scientifically impossible.

Aluminium and other metals are ideal substrates for Metalier metal veneer.  The only extra thing we need to do is to apply a barrier coat between the metal substrate and the metal veneer | aluminium to ensure osmosis does not occur.

In fact aluminium is an ideal substrate for front doors for example.  It is light, relatively inexpensive and it doesn’t warp. The lightness of the substrate combined with the lightness of the Metalier coating means that a grand “solid metal” door can be created without the need to strengthen the door supports or the building.

We have some great ideas for door designs – if you would like to see them contact us here and we’ll send them to you.


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