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Bronze Patina – Metalier Patina Range

Bronze – green, gold, pearlescent

There are many bronze patina options with Metalier real metal coatings and the Metalier range of patinas.

Metalier’s M5 traditional green bronze patina effect

Metalier’s M5 creates the tradition green bronze patina effect which you associate with statues. You can use this patina to age all our metals – bronze, brass, copper and smoky bronze.  You can also use it on sheet and solid metals.  Just make sure that all surfaces oxides are removed before you apply bronze patina.  If you don’t, the patina will not be able to work its magic on the metal itself or you may get some very odd results.

You can use green bronze patina on letters too.

Metalier M18 creates a pealescent patina effect on bronze

Pearlescent bronze patina shown in our featured image is one of our most popular patina effects.  It creates “movement” which so many architects and designers are looking to inject into their designs.  It looks subtle and timeless.

Metalier M6 a gives a yellow patina effect on bronze.

This is another patina effect which creates a unique decorative finish.

Metalier bronze patina effects are a cold application

Many wonderful patina effects can be created using heat.   Our objective in designing our patina range was to create a patina that was easy to apply and reliable.  Patina application is art, however, and it is worthwhile experimenting with heating the substrate and applying heat – use a hair dryer or similar source of heat to create different effects.  The ambient temperature and humidity can also affect how a patina performs.  If you have a big job where you are looking for a uniform look, apply all the patina to all the panels or pieces at the same time.

Remember too that how diluted the patina is will affect the colour produced.  M18, for example, when it is undiluted creates a very dark colour.  Undiluted it is glorious pearl!

Experiment, learn, achieve – contact us for patina ideas.  We love talking about them.


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