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Wellcoll: Metalier European Master Distributor

Our European Master Distributor: Meet Wellcoll

Metalier Coatings and Wellcoll are delighted to announce that they have agreed that Wellcoll Group will be the Metalier European Master Distributor. Wellcoll is based in Sittard in the south of The Netherlands. In total it has six branches.

Wellcoll, like the UK Metalier distributor Granlyn Specialist Coatings, was originally concerned with the automotive business. Like Granlyn, it spread its interests, aptitude and knowledge into liquid metal. Wellcoll and Granlyn are in regular communication to ensure the best possible roll-out of Metalier Coatings in Europe.

Wellcoll knows liquid metal

Wellcoll, however, before it turned to Metalier used another liquid metal product. So they come to their role as Metalier European Master Distributor well-versed in the nuances of the product. Even though the technology is in the same family, Wellcoll has found huge differences in performance and handling. And the differences are all good ones. As Vital Verheggen Managing Director of Wellcoll said to us recently “we are so happy we have made the move to Metalier”. At Head Office, we’re happy too.

Wellcoll decided to join the international Metalier team in January 2020. And then came Covid! It took eight months to get the first order of stock to The Netherlands. From August 2020, however, Wellcoll has not looked back. It is now fully stocked, has its first brochure about to be printed, has its internet presence sorted out (click here) and it is open for business. In fact, it is already doing business and selling product and application knowledge to companies that are taking the technology in-house as an adjunct to their existing businesses. You can find out more on the Wellcoll website.

Get in touch

The first point of contact with Wellcoll is through its artistic and design director, Johan Gielissen. His telephone number is +31 88 758 08 87 and his email address is here. Johan can assist companies to take Metalier Coatings in-house. He is also the person to contact to discuss becoming an applicator or sub-distributor of Metalier’s liquid metal coating. At this stage, all the countries of the EU are open to opportunities. We do not expect that to last long.

Metalier Coatings are used by architects, designers, boatbuilders, kitchen companies, landscape designers and super-yacht designers. You will find Metalier Coatings in hotels, resorts, yachts, offices, retail and bars and restaurants and in homes. Metalier’s exciting and innovative finishes have been used often to create statement front entrances.

The opportunities are endless and the journey is an exciting one. To come along for the ride contact us now, complete the form below or contact your local distributor.

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Liquid Metal News

If you are looking for Liquid Metal news you have come to the right place.

It’s been a very exciting week for us at Metalier with the brand new iteration of our international website.  It’s where you are right now.  Please take a good look around and let us know what you think of it.  Please tell us if there is anything we could make clearer.

The first piece of Liquid Metal News is the website itself

We think the site reflects where we are and what our business stands for:  we are a New Zealand company marketing our own superior version of Liquid Metal to the world – to the UK, to the USA and to Russia.  Read all about the one-stop-shop we offer and market from our hubs in NZ, the UK and the USA – it’s all there in the site.

The second piece of Liquid Metal News is the launching of our new metal

Gunmetal Grey Bronze

The new metal is Gunmetal Grey Bronze as we’ve called it.  In fact it’s so new that we haven’t had a chance to take proper pictures yet.  The one here is a little foretaste of what is to come.  The picture is of a finish we’ve called Rolled Steel.  It’s very popular with architects who are looking for a raw steel look.  But the very best bit about this metal is that it doesn’t rust.  It’s not iron, it’s a specially formulated for us without a speck of iron in it.  Imagine the bliss of a steel-look finish that won’t rust.  Security and peace of mind – you would think it was priceless but no – it’s actually a cost-effective option from Metalier, the innovators.

It’s also being used on the Auckland Council building right now – but that is liquid metal news for another day.  Contact us or  Watch this space.


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Liquid metal globe; Metalier distributors

Become a Metalier Distributor

Becoming a Metalier distributor will give you training, support, confidence and the opportunity to create your own great business.

The world is a big place and we’re thrilled to receive correspondence from Jamaica, Botswana, Korea as well as UK, USA, France and Italy.  We’re getting a great take-up of distributors.  Our latest is from Ekaterinburg in the Russian Federation (you look at your atlas – we had to!)  But we are talking to lots of people all the time so if you’re thinking you might join us –  don’t delay!

So why become a Metalier distributor?

First: Unlike some companies, as a Metalier distrtibutor, you pay no licence fees and no royalties.

Second:  All you pay for is product and for that you receive unlimited technical support for as long as you need it – we would say 24/7 – except that we need to do a bit of sleeping – and we do occasionally get away to lie on the beach or get in a spot of skiing, depending on the season.  Apart from that though we’re here for our distributors.

Third:   Our training is modestly priced and can be free.  You have to get to beautiful New Zealand (or the UK, or the USA)  and sometimes, if you’re very nice to us, we’ll come to you.   And Metalier training is a roller-coaster of a learning experience.  Who, but us, would have thought of metal lace?

Fourth:  We reply promptly to emails and queries.  If you haven’t heard from us in 48 hours check that we’ve received your mail.  40% of emails go missing we’re told.

Fifth: Our pricing is keen.  We’re told we’re significantly cheaper than anything else on the market.  We like that and that’s where we want to be.

Sixth:  We give you free market collateralbrochures you can copy, pictures you can use, stories you can share.  And we’ll even come to be part of your trade show stand.

Seventh:  We are the leading company marketing water-based and flexible options.  You have three resin options as a Metalier distributor – solvent high performance, water-based and flexible.

Eighth:  Accessory products.  Again we are the only company with our own clear coat, patinas, waxes and polishes and thickeners.

So if you think this is you and you’d like to know some more – contact us here.  We have training and distribution opportunities in the UK and the USA. Our hub in the UK is looking for companies in Europe to be distributors to their own countries and our hub in the USA is looking for applicators throughout North America.

One of the things that's really important to us is that all the members of our international team are valued, their work is appreciated and they have fun being creative and crossing new boundaries.


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Metalier liquid metal brass walls: The Sugar Club, Auckland Sky Tower; international manufacturer

Welcome to Metalier’s new website and Blog

Metalier’s new website has been born of a number of different drivers.

Metalier is now an international company

The first reason for Metalier’s new website is that we’ve changed our principal URL from to

This reflects our growth from a New Zealand company with ambitions, hopes and dreams AND an awesome product into a truly international manufacturer with distributors in lots of places – the obvious and the more exotic.  We still have an awesome product! That much hasn’t changed – except to get better and better.  Don’t worry – the old URL will go on for ever.  And we are just the same Kiwi blokes with a passion for metal and great design.

Black on white is easier to read

Black is very cool and when we posted our website back in 2008 we sacrificed legibility for coolness.

Now we figure that we’ve done so much cool work and have our metal coatings in so many cool places that we can let them speak for themselves. The fine dining room at The Sugar Club is the epitome of elegance and cool in Metalier’s polished brass.

And on Metalier’s new website, we want to tell you so many new things and equip you with more resources – downloadable SDS (or MSDS in America), for example – that the least we could do is make it easier for you to read.

Metalier’s new website is on a CMS system.

Everything now is so “now” and urgent and frenetic that we just had to have a CMS system so that we can update you regularly and frequently – to answer your questions and be more available and accessible.

So I hope you’ll come back and visit our blog often.  And if there’s a topic that you want us to blog about don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll oblige.

Next week we’ll talk about our distributors in the UK!

We love to hear from you so please contact us soon for samples, to order or to find out more.


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