Metal Veneer | Brass

Metal Veneer | Brass | The Sugar Club

Metal Veneer | Brass showcased at The Sugar Club

Metal Veneer | Brass is showcased at The Sugar Club in the Sky Tower in Auckland City.  It sits alongside sheet brass in a homogeneous glorious glamorous fit out.  It’s a suitable background for Peter Gordon’s extremely scrumptious fusion food.  One of our favourites is Beef Pesto.  It was on the menu at Peter’s original Sugar Club back in 1987.  His dining guests won’t let him take it off.

Metal Veneer | Brass in the private dining room

Private dining is the height of special.  Metal Veneer | Brass is the outstanding decorative feature of the private dining area.  Metal Veneer | Brass coats the MDF panels on the outside of the dining room and the inside too.  A lovely cocoon of brass!

Even the Powder Room has a touch of Metal Veneer | Brass

The porthole surrounds in the Gent’s and the Ladies’ Powder Rooms are Metalier Liquid Metal Brass.  You can bend sheet metal, of course, but the Metalier Solution of Metal Veneer in brass was more cost-effective and much easier to handle.

The Entrance Doors are Metal Veneer |Brass on a steel substrate

Metalier again shows its versatility on the grand front entrance doors to the restaurant.  It is brass and glass. You can see them in the projects section of this website and on most of The Sugar Club’s own sites.  If applying metal to metal it is necessary to create a barrier between the two metals to avoid osmosis occurring.  The Metalier team are old hands at the procedure, however.

Just in case you didn't know, brass is an alloy of copper and Zinc.  As well as being used in decoration brass is used in musical instruments for its acoustic properties.  It is a very popular choice of metal currently and teams beautifully with white or black.

At Metalier Liquid Metal we have lots of ideas for creating beautiful things in brass – and other metals too.

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