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Chemetal Sheet Metal

Chemetal sheet metal is now available again in New Zealand.

Chemetal sheet metal has been used in the past in New Zealand by many designers. It had established itself as a great light sheet metal alternative. Now it hasnew life and a new distributor for Austalia and New Zealand: That Metal Company of NSW and Metalier of Auckland have combined their metal ranges to give you a one stop shop for all your metal needs. The two products align beautifully and can be used together.

Chemetal sheet metal is a game-changer and here is why!

1.     It is lightweight – 0.6 mm thick sheets in 2400 x 1200 mm & 3000 x 1200 mm sheet sizes.

2.     The sheets bend to 90 degrees.

3.     No special tooling is required. Joiners, cabinet makers and builders can use regular woodworking tools.

4.     It is glued to an inexpensive substrate.

5.     It is a cost-effective substitute for traditional sheet metal and ideal to use when you want a consistent pattern over a large area.


6.     It doesn’t tarnish. How good is that?

There is a huge range to choose from. It is divided into series #300, #600 #800 and #900. We love particularly the #300 and #900 series. This is because they are pure metal through and through.

The #300 series is real brass, bronze, copper and aluminium.

The #900 series is real aluminium anodized to look like brass, bronze and copper.

CONTACT US for the brochure that contains all the options.

AND if that wasn’t enough – this gorgeous sheet metal range is Class 1 Fire-rated and IMO certified. It also ticks all the sustainability boxes. It uses recycled metal, it’s manufactured using a solar energy system, it conforms to strict VOC emissions regulations and is PVC-free.