New Website launched – Hooray!

If you’ve already arrived at this page you will know that Metalier has updated its website. It was a mission to get it exactly how we wanted it.

Easier for specifiers

Each country section of the new website is designed to be easier to use for architects, designers and other specifiers.  Go to the GET METALIER section of the site to see how to do just that – get Metalier.

The new website showcases our global presence

The new website is also designed to showcase Metalier’s international presence with a global website. So far, the International site is live. So too is the New Zealand site. The North American site is live albeit with the old look for now. Vietnam is live and is being translated into Vietnamese. We can’t wait to add the UK, Australia and the other Metalier centres that are coming on stream.

The old site had served us well but needed a refresh.  After that the main driver is to direct all visitors to seeing a selection of the amazing finishes possible with Metalier. So the button in the middle of the page saying “View Metals” should do that job nicely. We’ll see.

Become a distributor or an applicator

The other objective of the international part of the site is to tell people what the process is and to encourage interest in becoming part of the Metalier Team. That seems to be working nicely too – so if you are interested and you are hanging back that’s not a good idea. We are growing exponentially and it is an exciting process. Don’t miss the bus.

Every new website designer likes to think that their design is a good one. We’re no exception. We would love feedback, however. There will be typos and grammatical crimes no doubt and we’d love to be told if you spot one. We can also take criticism on the chin, so let us have it –

You can telephone us or email us or you could fill in the form below. Whichever means you choose, we love to hear from you.

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