Metalier Metal Powders | Exclusively protected

Metalier Metal Powders are specially preserved in an exclusive protective coating.

Metal powders are the main topic of this piece.  It is also a bit of an unashamed brag about the quality of Metalier coatings.  If that doesn’t interest you we suggest you read our blog about the Harrods escalator job.  We’re still amazed at the size of that job and the sheer logistics of it.

To the point - metal powders are one of the two most important ingredients in Metalier liquid metal coatings.  The other vital component is our specially formulated range of binders.  Our solvent binder is only available in Aotearoa New Zealand, from us at HQ and from our authorised distributors throughout the world.  This is because at the heart of its formulation is a recipe only manufactured right here in the Antipodes.

But, I digressed again, and this is a story about metal powders.  The source of our powders is a highly-guarded secret, as you might imagine.  They are such an important part of our process.
What actually makes our powders so special is threefold:
first is the skill with which they are produced,
second is the care with which they are packed in vacuum-sealed bags,
third is that each tiny grain of metal powder is encapsulated in a protective coating.  This protective coating means that oxidization is almost totally prevented.  It’s an enormous bonus for applicators and the end enjoyers of Metalier. Metal gets to be applied to a surface in almost the same colour as when it was mined from the earth. Metalier is the only company to utilize this exclusive process.

At Metalier we’re keen to retain our position at the top of the league table of decorative liquid metal coating companies.  You know the saying – if you can’t be first, be the best.  Well we weren’t the first and we didn’t invent the concept as so many decorative metals companies now claim (“Yawn”). But we reckon we’re right up there on the league table for a number of reasons.  And one of the most important ones is simply the quality of our metal powders.

If you would like to know who invented the liquid metal concept email me and I’ll tell you.  If you would like to know the source of our metal powders you could also email me and I won’t tell you. Sorry.

If you would like Metalier metal powders (along with the other ingredients) to transform something ordinary into magnificent metal then email HQ or UK or USA or India or Russia or Australia or Vietnam or fill out the form below.


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