Copper brilliance on magnificent staircase

Copper brilliance is seen in all its magnificence in what I can only describe as a phenomenal staircase in Denmark’s Experimentarium Science Centre in Hellerup.  The Hellerup science centre is about a 15 minute drive north of Copenhagen, so is very accessible. It’s definitely added to my “must see’ list.

Designed by Danish CEBRA architecture the staircase is touted as one of the finest modern examples of a helical staircase.  I have to admit that “helical” is a new word for me.  It is different from a regular old spiral staircase because it doesn’t have a newel (another new word) which is a central post.  This staircase happens to have rails on both sides of the staircase.  That isn’t what makes it helical, however.  Helical simply means spiral.

The engineering behind this copper brilliance is impressive.  The staircase is built of 160 tons of steel and is clad with 10 tons of copper.  Now, if only the architects had known about the lightness of Metalier’s liquid metal copper they could probably have saved at about three-quarter’s of the copper weight.

The architects were inspired partly by the science and technology focus of the Experimentarium. They were also inspired by the original building where the staircase is built.  It was once o soft-drinks bottling facility for Tuborg one of Denmark’s iconic beer brewers.

While I like to use this blog mainly to tell you about things that Metalier has done and can do, sometimes you come across something that is just too good not to share.  And this is one of those times.  This staircase is mind-blowing and marries the exotic copper brilliance with a simple white minimalist path – the contrast is compelling.

In my book, this staircase is one of the architectural wonders of the world.

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