Cool main door designs have been on my mind

This week a new client visited us at Metalier in Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand – the country having the earthquakes right now. She was looking for an exceptional, classy and cool main door design for the house she is building on the other side of the city. It was freaky how she found us and how by chance it all was. She happened to stumble across another amazing door we’d done in the same suburb.  It was in a street she wouldn’t normally go down.  But for some reason, she felt compelled to go that way, she saw a door that inspired her, she knocked on the door and the nice people sent her to us.  And isn’t she pleased and excited by the options there are.

So how do we reach all the people looking for cool main door designs?

That’s a question that intrigues me.  At Metalier we rank with google for main key words such as “real metal  coatings” and “decorative metal coatings” but that doesn’t help much if you don’t know that real metal or decorative coatings exist.  Our US partners, M2 Supply LLC recently attended the Arc Conference at Dana Point, CA. While there they met with 30 architects from the top firms across the US and Canada.  Only one of them had even heard of the concept of real metal coatings – which all just goes to show that the marketing department has got work to do. If you find us in a search we’d love to know what terms you were searching for.

One of the finishes our new client loves is our aged smoky bronze. Isn’t it glorious – the patina adds a blue tinge to the metal.  I didn’t know that metal could turn blue – did you? I can hardly wait until I can see it in door form.

If you want to know what else metal can do you could fill in the form below or contact us at HQ here, or in the USA here.  Happy Thanksgiving USA.


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