liquid metal golden leaves

Liquid Metal | Golden Leaves

Metalier’s Liquid Metal Golden Leaves is one of the newest samples to be created in the Metalier workshop at HQ in New Zealand.

The liquid metal golden leaves pattern has been created using our Liquid Metal Coating System with the addition of real leaves to create the pattern. It’s one of the techniques we’ve developed that we teach in our training sessions.  You can learn how to use Metalier’s decorative liquid metal system in our hubs in West Bromwich, UK, H.Q in New Zealand and most recently in our hub in North America.

Liquid Metal Golden Leaves can be a busy pattern or a more sparse one as it is in this example. It can be a feature of a corner of a table, or a bedhead perhaps. It would look stunning on board room doors. And, of course, you can use any leaves you like, depending on the season, of course. You are not limited by the ones we have chosen.

One of the best things about working with Metalier is that you are seriously unlimited in what you can do with beautiful metals.  It means you can create unique effects for each customer – everyone can have something different.

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Liquid Metal Golden Leaves can be in your repertoire too along with a whole lot of other techniques we’ll share. Contact us for liquid metal answers.


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