Door design ideas begin with Metalier

Our door design ideas say a lot about the occupants of a space and are frequently a central element of any design. This is true for private homes, apartments and commercial spaces. What professional firm, for example, does not make a feature of its reception area ” its face, if you like” and its boardroom doors?

Entrances are a key part of how you live in a house

Renowned international architect, Marshall Cook, says it like this:  “Entrances and exits are a key part of how you live in a house.  It is the social gesture that gives people access to your house and your life. The entry has got to be recognizable.”

The owners of the Auckland property featured here certainly understood the importance of the concept of entrance and turned to Metalier to fulfill their door design ideas.  The metal chosen is our smoky bronze. Its a darker sultry bronze made even more sultry by the addition of black was as a finishing treatment. The pattern is one we’ve called “Lyrical”. It’s a design we enjoy making – you can see what fun it is in our Youtube video. Huge stainless steel handles set off the design and the metal colour.  It’s such a beautiful door, we couldn’t resist showing you a larger picture.

You can choose to have a pattern like lyrical on both sides of an entrance door.  You could also save the grand for the outside and have a plainer smooth Metalier finish on the inside. It depends on your interior decor and entrance space.  And if cost-effective is a word in your vocabulary (it is in ours) you could make your door more cost-effective by having a Metalier exterior with a painted interior.

We’ve made a bit of a specialty of doors at Metalier. You could see the rust patterned door we created in a video here. And there are so many metal options, patterns and door handles available now, that we can make your entrance and your door uniquely yours.

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