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Elegant doorways need style and light: Metalier Liquid Coatings

At Metalier we specialize in making entrances and doorways into design statements.  Metalier’s liquid metal is a good place to begin if you want to make a statement with your door.

Doorways can be simple or exotic

Like the mosque doorway pictured doorways can be as exotic as your imagination will allow.  The photograph in this blog comes courtesy of David Latt’s blog “www.menwholiketotravel.com”.  The mosque is in Morocco and features detailed and beautiful tiles and metalwork on very tall doorways.  David tells us that the mosque overlooks the breakwater and harbour.  It sounds almost too good to be true.

Doorways need light

When you are designing your doorways you need to give consideration to lighting.  This applies to every material you use but is particularly so when you are using metal, whether it is Metalier liquid metal or sheet metal.

Metal gleams, shines and reveals its light when it is in the light.  That message was brought home loud and clear to us when we had a kitchen with a stainless steel bench.  There were no curtains or blinds as the location meant there was no need for privacy.  The morning sun would stream in and hit the bench.  It was blinding!  We had to put a towel over the bench – which somewhat defeated the purpose.

The stainless steel example was extreme but, nevertheless, it reinforces the point.  Metal reflects light and needs good lighting so that it appears burnished, rich and full.  Metalier liquid metals are real metals and require the same lighting as their sheet metal cousins.  This can be natural light from outside or it can be artificial.  In corridors and apartment doorways, it is particularly important to make sure that the lighting will enhance your beautiful doorways.

We can advise which of our finishes will best suit your entranceway.  Contact us now to talk it through either be telephone, email or by completing the form below to find out more about all the options Metalier can offer.


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Michael Graves metal design

Michael Graves Metal Design | A tribute

Michael Graves a metal design icon has died

Metalier notes with regret the passing of Michael Graves metal design icon and architect.  We discovered Michael Graves metal design in the 80's when he designed for Alessi the celebrated kettle.  Like everyone we loved the bird that sings when the water boils.  We also had to have the little sugar bowl and the milk jug that go with it.  The influences on the design of the kettle included Art Deco and Pop Art.

Michael Graves’ design is a leading example of how good design can enrich our lives

The testimonials to Graves’ design are many.  Bill Clinton, former US president said “Michael Graves has created art that surrounds our lives”.   Aldo Rossi said “I hope that Michael continues to design this world and deploy his superb abilities as an architect in order to tell us a tale of distinct ages or eras to come”.  And Michael Eisner, the former President of Disney Corporation said “Michael Graves is an architect for whom design has no boundaries.  There is no such thing as an insignificant object”.

So little kettle you will continue to sing on.  You will do your work of heating the water for the tea or coffee.  And you will continue to please with your beauty and amuse with your singing bird.

I’m sure that many others think similarly.  The teakettle has been Alessi’s top-selling product every year since its debut in 1985 so there are a lot of fans out there.

Michael Graves metal design was only part of his design work

Graves was one of the New York Five group of New York City Architects who had a common allegiance to a pure form of architectural modernism.   He defected from modernism, however, and later worked as a post-modern architect.  He designed over 350 buildings around the world and more than 2,000 household objects.

Metal Design is what Metalier is all about

At Metalier we have some design genes of our own but best of all we like to use our metals and our knowledge to help you to realise your designs.

Contact us at once if you feel the muse coming over you!


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