brass and bronze metal tree

Metal Art | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier Liquid Metal is the ideal vehicle for creating metal art. 

Our USA Master Distributors have trained one of their customers in the use of Metalier Liquid Metal textures. Herbert’s metal art creation is the product of his creativity.  It was made on his second day of training.  We can’t want to see what he will turn out as he becomes even more practised.

Herbert has used bronze to create the background textures for the ground, the tree and the sun.  The foliage on the tree is brass dabbed on afterwards.

Metalier finishes are handcrafted

All Metalier finishes are hand-crafted and are, in a sense, all metal art.  One of the finishes on the website is bronze jigsaw with black wax.  One of our Auckland clients wanted more high-polished highs and “moodier” lows.  Below is the finish we created.

Metalier applied to collages by New Zealand Artist Alexander Bartleet made them metal art

Alex’s genre is to collect everyday objects, mount them in a collage as randomly as possible and preserve them with resins.  He then finishes them with a variety of different media – acrylics and in one year Metalier liquid metals.

We worked with Alex in the metals of his choice – brass, bronze, aluminium and rusts and our Metalier technicians sprayed our metals onto the mounted objects.  Alex then completed the painstaking hand-sanding of the multitude of small different surfaces created by the many objects he used – an old casette tape particularly caught my eye.  Alex uses thousands of objects in his artworks that document the current environment he lives in.  Metalier is proud to be associated with an award-winning emerging artist.

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