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Metalier’s Curved Metal Finish

Metalier’s Flexible Metal curved metal finish resulted from many months spent in research and development – testing and stretching the boundaries, initially at the behest of Weta Workshop.  The result was the product we’ve called The Film Series in its honour.

Curves have always been an important feature of Metalier’s coatings

Even before we developed the flexible, it was Metalier’s ability to offer a seamless and or a curved metal finish that was one of its most compelling features – think  domes, portholes, iron balls, and fund-raising eggs.

We’re stretching Curved metal finish boundaries even further now

Below you can see the sorts of things we are doing in the workshop right now.

First is the prototype of the panel system we are developing which will allow us to offer Metalier as a fine metal veneer.  We are working to create a curved metal finish that we can offer as a veneer to joiners and cabinet makers similar to the wooden veneer they use now.  So watch this space.

The curved metal finish of the little egg has been one of those moments of discovery and we’re kicking ourselves that we’ve been so slow to work it out.

Photography of metal to show its true beauty and potential has always been a challenge.  Flat pieces tend to look just that – flat and too much light creates an artificial bling.

But curves do it just fine whether it be on a little egg or on a prototype panel.  We’re very excited about the panel system.  The plan is to be ready to market later this year.

In the meantime – we can do curves on almost anything you like to throw at us – rails on which to hang clothes in shops, light-fittings and so on.

Contact us about your dome or egg and see what we can do.


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