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Liquid Metal News

If you are looking for Liquid Metal news you have come to the right place.

It’s been a very exciting week for us at Metalier with the brand new iteration of our international website.  It’s where you are right now.  Please take a good look around and let us know what you think of it.  Please tell us if there is anything we could make clearer.

The first piece of Liquid Metal News is the website itself

We think the site reflects where we are and what our business stands for:  we are a New Zealand company marketing our own superior version of Liquid Metal to the world – to the UK, to the USA and to Russia.  Read all about the one-stop-shop we offer and market from our hubs in NZ, the UK and the USA – it’s all there in the site.

The second piece of Liquid Metal News is the launching of our new metal

Gunmetal Grey Bronze

The new metal is Gunmetal Grey Bronze as we’ve called it.  In fact it’s so new that we haven’t had a chance to take proper pictures yet.  The one here is a little foretaste of what is to come.  The picture is of a finish we’ve called Rolled Steel.  It’s very popular with architects who are looking for a raw steel look.  But the very best bit about this metal is that it doesn’t rust.  It’s not iron, it’s a specially formulated for us without a speck of iron in it.  Imagine the bliss of a steel-look finish that won’t rust.  Security and peace of mind – you would think it was priceless but no – it’s actually a cost-effective option from Metalier, the innovators.

It’s also being used on the Auckland Council building right now – but that is liquid metal news for another day.  Contact us or  Watch this space.


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Metal veneer rust

Metal Veneer Rust

Metal Veneer | Rust will be a stand-out feature of the September Home Show in Auckland

We are saying thank goodness for Metal Veneer | Rust at Metalier this week.  The Home Show begins next Wednesday and we were asked today, Friday, to produce 14 sq m of rust for a stand which is to be built on Monday.  It’s fortunate that we don’t take our weekends too seriously – or that we have them on other days.

Water-based Metal Veneer Rust saves the show

Fortunately Metal Veneer Rust is one of the fastest turn-around finishes we do at Metalier.  And it is the water-based version of Metalier Coatings that has made this all possible.  And, we repeat, water-based finishes are available exclusively from Metalier.  You see, water-based coatings cure in 2 hours or so.  Our Metalier patinas “take” more quickly on the water-based coatings.  The iron even starts to rust as it’s being applied and before it’s cured.  Logical when you think of it as the iron is in a water-based binder.  There are many occasions when we say “Praise be to the water-based” and this is one of them!

Here’s the weekend’s programme for Metal Veneer Rust

Saturday morning spray and wait two hours for the metal to cure.  Sand the metal to expose it and patina it by 12 noon.  Allow the rust to develop through the afternoon and overnight - we won’t be watching it, although it is a lot of fun seeing the rust develop – and “No.  It is not the same as watching paint dry!”  Sunday morning – add more patina if required, let it do its thing for a couple of hours, then neutralize it and clear coat it with Metalier Nano Clear Coat, which can also be found in the Halo Surfaces range.  Now did you know that?

Metalier is proud to be associated with Intellisys & Ginn Lighting Design  – specialists in home automation and Lighting

Come and see what Intellysis and Metalier can do in the Designer Living Pavilion Hall 9 Stand  ALS10 at the Home Show from 10th- 14th September.  You’ll also see our favourite bronze lady carrying some flowers at DesignworX stand.

We survive on excitement and energy and this week has had it in full measure.  Looks like next week is shaping up to be the same!  We’re never too busy, however, to talk to you or reply to emails so contact us whenever and as soon as so we can get talking about what we’ll all do next.


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