million dollar question; brass liquid metal; brass triple-polished brushed gloss

The Million Dollar Question for Metalier

The Million Dollar Question

For us the million dollar question has always been, how did you find us?

We always ask the people who contact us but the answer is always elusive. I was just “surfing the net” – right, what keywords did you use? What questions did you ask?  I don’t know or, I don’t remember. Hey, we’re mighty pleased you got to us but we’d still love to know how.

Metalier liquid metal is an idea, a concept, that isn’t in the consciousness of most of our target market – architects and designers who would specify our products – and talented and artistic applicators who will apply and finish it.

Metalier is like metal veneer.

So how did wood veneer get started? It reminds me of an old joke about “The Happy Birthday Chicken”. What’s that? Nothing yet – but how do you think the Easter Bunny got started?

In days past people sneered at wood veneer because of what it is. Now, almost no-one would dream of using solid timber. Today people are using sheet metal when there are heaps of reasons why they shouldn’t – weight, cost, difficulty of handling, limited sheet sizes. The list goes on. But who knows to look for metal veneer?

Brass/gold bring millions of dollars to mind

Which is why we chose our triple-polished brushed brass to feature in this blog. The website dark shadowing somewhat ruins the colour so here it is again. As is always the case, however, pictures never do justice to the brightness of real metal in the flesh – so to speak.

million dollar question; brass liquid metal; brass triple-polished brushed gloss

The million dollar question is a global one

Right now, the global growth areas for Metalier are India, the USA and Europe. And
no-one in all those continents can tell us how they found us. We keep asking ….

So, finding out what and why is a million dollar question with a million dollar answer.
If you can deliver the million dollar answer then, to coin a phrase,
we’re talking turkey, serious turkey.

So contact us via email, contact form, the telephone. Whats App, Facebook,
Instagram or Pinterest (not Twitter ☹☹)
with the code SERIOUS TURKEY and let’s talk – soon.


Talk to us or one of our hubs or complete the message form below.

liquid metal leaves, liquid metal, decorative leaves, aluminium, brass, patina

Liquid metal leaves

Liquid Metal Leaves: Innovation in metal coatings

Liquid metal leaves is one of the innovative designs created by the talented Metalier team at HQ in New Zealand. The design uses real leaves. What are the leaf options available in your country?

The season for natural leaves - and liquid metal leaves

Almost any time of the year is great for the collection of natural suitable leaves - except winter, of course. Spring, summer, autumn or fall all produce leaves at different times of their maturity.  Liquid metal leaves can be produced throughout the year as long as you plan ahead And it goes without saying that big and little leaves produce different designs. And placement is key to design.

Metalier liquid metal bronze small leavesMetalier liquid metal brass leaf

Design innovation

Creating new and unique designs is part of the art of the excitement of the Metalier liquid metal process. Our workers really are artists and artisans. That was the inspiration behind the name Metalier. Metal is obvious and "atelier" is  French for workshop. So a new word was created over 13 years ago and we've never regretted our choice of name.

Join with us in creativity

Metalier now has hubs in the UK, the USA and the Middle East. We are working right now with new potential hubs in Europe, India, Russia and Hong Kong. The establishment of hubs means that it is easier and cost-effective for new applicators and sub-distributors to set up shop, purchase our materials and learn our creative processes. We are, right now, working on a private internet platform of videos and instruction sheets.  Everyone who comes on board will not only be taught our processes but will have a reference point always available to check back in on. Part of the training we give will show you how to create liquid metal leaves.

We love sharing what we have created and learning what you have done as well. Becoming part of the world-wide Metalier team is about sharing creativity and enjoying the work of others. If this sounds like you then please get in touch soon.