Metalier smoky bronze liquid metal is a sultry and moody colour

Smoky bronze is one of four bronze colours - regular bronze, chocolate bronze and oil-rubbed bronze. Regular, smoky and chocolate bronze are alloys made specially for Metalier. Oil-rubbed bronze is a hybrid we make which mimics the effect of that very dark colour.

The range of bronzes are very versatile

Metalier smoky bronze liquid metal is strong as well as versatile. It lends itself to variety and experimentation. It is a design staple with designers and architects and never goes out of fashion or favour. Bronze even had its own Age. Iron only overtook it because it was easier to find and easier to process.

Smoky bronze liquid metal responds well to patina

Patina is an acidic liquid that is applied to some of the Metalier metals to give an aged or antique finish. Each metal has its own character. Some react well to patina and others do not. Smoky bronze is very reactive so many interesting looks can be achieved.

Metalier’s smoky bronze is also very effective in a raw finish. "Raw" is the opposite to a high-polished finish and is used frequently on the backs of cupboard doors to give a different effect when the door is open. It is also more cost-effective than a high-polished finish as the sanding process is much quicker.

Learn how to go wild with smoky bronze and patina. Go on – we dare you to.

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