Gunmetal Silver liquid metal, liquid metal, metal veneer; decorative metal coating
gunmetal silver liquid metal; liquid metal; metal veneer; decorative metal coating

Gunmetal Silver Liquid Metal

Gunmetal silver is a titanium-like colour which is a Metalier hybrid.

Despite its name gunmetal silver does not contain any elemental silver.
Gunmetal silver is one of the metal colours which Metalier applicators mix as required to our formulation.

Options for Grey

Gunmetal silver is one of the grey metals in the Metalier range. Other greys are aluminium, gunmetal bronze, and iron. Gunmetal silver, in particular, achieves a high sheen with a hint of a sparkle.

Gunmetal silver is known for being among the least corrosive metals in the range. Despite being a copper alloy it will corrode at a much slower rate than the brown and gold copper alloys.

A cost-effective way of enjoying beautiful silver metal tones while conserving the resources of the earth.

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